Digitize Your Wallet

With Apple Pay and Google Pay for your Peoples Bank of Alabama Discover Debit Card, making purchases is as easy as a tap! Simply add your Debit Card to the Digital Wallet then tap your phone, tablet or watch to the contactless reader and voila transaction completed. Another great example of how we provide big bank capabilities with local roots.

Quick, Secure Payments

It is a goal of ours to make banking as easy as possible. Offering digital wallets is just another example of how we do it. 

With new technology always comes new concerns for safety and security—with something so new, how can we tell what might happen? Although Apple Pay and Google Pay have been around for a while, there’s still skepticism as to how they work and how safe they actually are. The short answer is that they are perfectly safe, but we’ll break down the reasons here!

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Please review our frequently asked questions below or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How to I setup Apple Pay®  and Google Pay™?
Setting up Digital Wallets is very easy. To begin, open up the Wallet App on your device and select the add option. From there follow the on screen instructions.

 Apple Pay® users get step by step instructions here.
Are Digital Wallets Safe?
Safe guarding your information is one of our highest priorities and we take it very seriously. We would never offer a solution to you if we didn't believe it to be highly secure. For more on this, please read our blog 5 Reasons You Can Trust Apple Pay and Google Pay
What happens if I loose my device?
Loosing your device is never a good thing, especially with how important they've become to our daily lives. However, you needn't worry about this causing an issue with your debit card. Both Apple Pay®  and Google Pay™ offer cloud base services that allow you to locate, lock or erase your device. In addition, only a fragment of your card information is stored on their databases making it impossible for anyone that "finds" your device to copy down your debit card number. 
How do Digital Wallets work?
They work the same way as if you inserted your chip enabled debit card into the card reader at the merchant. The transaction is processed just like any other debit card purchase. The major difference is that instead of the merchant "seeing" your debit card number they are given a unique encrypted number.