Anytime Banking with ATMs

With over 30 ATMs across North and Central Alabama we have built a convenient, accessible way for you to bank on your schedule. Our easy to use ATMs provide extended banking hours, so that when our branches are closed you can still get cash, make deposits or transfer funds. So whether you are an early bird out catching your worm or a night owl howling at the moon, our ATMs are there for you.

We make banking more convenient with ATMs and your Peoples Bank of Alabama debit card.

Convenient Self Service Banking

Our ATMs provide several great banking features:

  • Deposits – Cash and check deposits can be made at all Peoples Bank ATM locations.
  • Withdraw Funds – The cash you need when you need it.
  • Transfer funds – Move funds between checking accounts and savings accounts that are linked to your debit card.
  • Account Management
  • Check Your Balance – View your account balance before you make a withdrawal.
  • Receipt Options – Set whether or not you will receive a receipt when you make transactions.
  • Preferred Language – Choose between English or Spanish.

    With ATMs at branch locations and stand alone ATMs throughout North and Central Alabama, there's a good chance one is near you. Click the map to find the branch or ATM nearest you.