Account Fees and Charges

Effective 1/2/18

Overdraft Paid Item Fee* (per item) $22
Return Item Fee* (per item) $22
Overdraft Continuation Fee**$5
Stop Payment (per item) $25
Research Per Hour (minimum 1 hour charge) $20
Domestic Wire Transfer (incoming/outgoing) $10
International Wire Transfer (incoming/outgoing) $45
Official Checks (Service available for Peoples Bank of Alabama customers only) $5
Collection Items (additional fees may be imposed by paying bank) $20
Dormant Fee Per Month - When balance falls below $500 (Excludes Youth Savings) $10
Account Reconcilement Assistance (per hour) $15
Returned Deposited Item (per item) $6
Temporary Statement (staff assisted)$2
Legal Processing*** (per order) $50

All business checking accounts include monthly statements with images, free online banking, bill pay and debit card.

Public Funds accounts can only be utilized by entities such as state, city, county, schools, etc.

Additional Service Charges may apply.  Speak with a banker for additional details.

View a PDF version of our Fee Schedule

* See account disclosures for more information on overdraft and returned item fees.

** Charged every 5th business day the account is consecutively overdrawn (OD).  Maximum Overdraft Continuation Fees: $30 during each consecutive OD period.

*** Legal requests include but are not limited to Levies, Garnishments, Reclamations, Subpoenas, and other legal/government ordered actions.