Employee Investment

Posted on March 14, 2022

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The Peoples Bank of Alabama Purpose Statement affirms that we are empowered associates delivering exceptional service, producing excellent results. In order to help maintain that purpose, the bank has an in-service annual training event called HUDDLE. This event is designed to bring all of the staff together in one place and remind and encourage them to remain vigilant, informed, and always reach for excellence in every area of their life. This year due to the pandemic they were unable to meet together in person, so an alternative event was developed to encourage the staff and let them know how much they are needed and appreciated. We Care About You Week was full of exciting news every day including service anniversary announcements, giveaways, food trucks and more! One Most Valuable Player (MVP) was selected from each market and one from each area of back office operations and they were all recognized throughout the week.

The bank’s internal core values are to be Honest, Responsible, Positive, and to Exceed Expectations every day. It is actually pretty amazing how far a little bit of ongoing positivity goes in the workplace. Peoples Bank of Alabama has always recognized that there’s a link between taking care of employees and taking care of customers. One does not exist without the other.

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PBA Core Values