Smart Credit Seminars

Homeownership, Credit, and Identity: the Peoples Bank of Alabama Smart Credit Seminar

Have you ever wanted to own your own home?

Is your credit score in disarray?

Do you know how to protect your identity from theft?

These are all important questions, but it can be hard to find the answers. Fortunately, Peoples Bank of Alabama offers Lunch and Learn Smart Credit Seminars to give you the answers you need to become a homeowner, repair your credit, and protect your identity.

Being a homeowner comes with many perks, including providing you with an investment that can pay off later or a home that can stay in the family for many generations. Owning a home is something that many people strive for, but not everyone attains. This is often because their credit is not where it should be and they don’t know how to fix the problem.

Enter Peoples Bank.

We understand the dream of homeownership, and we’re passionate about helping people achieve that dream. We’re also dedicated to educating people about identity theft so that those dreams don’t get shattered because of someone else’s malicious acts.

At our seminars, we’ll give you the tips and tricks you need to:

  • Learn how the home-buying process works
  • Deal with credit problems and get your score up
  • Make yourself more attractive to potential home loan lenders
  • Safeguard your private information
  • Help prevent identity thieves from ruining your credit

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